Our cover story on protein snacks was (as expected) our most popular feature in May 2015. Your top 4 portable protein packs (click to read) checks out students’ favorite protein snacks and how to make them healthier. Eighty percent of readers in our survey said they read this piece.

The big takeaway isn’t about eating more protein. Most of us already get enough. Instead, it’s about switching out some meat and dairy sources for plant-based proteins, such as beans, nuts and seeds, quinoa, and edamame.

Sample tidbits:

  • What’s the downside of Clif and Luna bars?   The biggest ingredient: Brown rice sugar is still sugar.
  • How much is a serving of nuts? A small handful. (Sorry.)
  • What’s the problem with protein shakes? They’re often high in mysterious additives.
  • How do you keep the sugar out of Greek yogurt? Buy it plain and add fruit and seeds.

What students are saying:

“I am a nutrition major… Although I was already aware of the best protein snacks like peanuts and Greek yogurt, I did appreciate the quick tips… they are tips I would recommend to family, friends, and future clients :)…Fantastic articles!” —Nontraditional student, college withheld

“I have been trying to eat healthier. This article was amazing and helpful!”—Undergraduate, University of West Georgia

“I really like eating protein bars or protein shakes on-the-go and this article was really helpful because it laid out everything side by side for comparison. I also liked how they pointed out the cons and not just the pros. :)” —Undergraduate, college withheld

“The most interesting thing was that most students actually are getting enough protein. I assumed based on the article’s title that the students had a lack in their diet, but it was actually about finding the right protein solution for your day-to-day life!” —Undergraduate, Texas Christian University

“Too much protein is bad and we should replace it with plant-based products. Also, to calculate how many grams of protein you should eat just multiply your weight times 0.336.” —Nontraditional student, college withheld

“The joke about Ryan Reynolds and the protein powder… I laughed.” —Undergraduate, Brock University, Ontario