Weekly Rollout Updates

If you haven’t heard by now, we have made a change to how we release our monthly content. For years we have released all of our monthly issue content on the first of the month. Based on student feedback and digital publishing best practices, we have made a change in releasing our content on a weekly basis. 

Here’s how it works:

  • We still create monthly issues and preview the content one month in advance. 
  • Each month’s issue consists of 5 feature topics and about 10 segments or shorter pieces.
  • We release 3 topics each week on Wednesday (one Feature topic and two segments or short pieces)
  • We provide an edit calendar in the Preview tab (Preview next issue) of your client portal showing the release schedule.
  • Topics stay on your homepage for 5 weeks before rolling off.
  • We organize the professionally designed emails (provided to you as part of our service) by week, corresponding to the content release calendar.

How does this impact you?

  • We provide you with all of the emails for the month upfront so you will want to follow the instructions on when to send each email to avoid sending emails to students prematurely.
  • Sending emails out of order could result in students getting a “page not found” error when clicking on the links to the topics.
  • If you send weekly, monthly, or semi-monthly emails, follow the “send” dates assigned to the email in the client portal

Here’s how we make it simple for you:

  • Free email automation platform-  We also offer free email delivery. Simply upload your email list into our platform through the client portal, select the frequency you want to send, and the system will automatically send your customized emails to your student or faculty list. You are in complete control of your list. You can add, delete, replace email whenever you’d like. 
  • Reminder service- To simplify things for you, we now offer a complimentary reminder service. You tell us how often you want to send emails and we will send you the exact email to send a day before your send date. For example, if you’re going to send a monthly email at the beginning of the month, we will send you a fully customized email (with your signature and logo) one day before the first Wednesday of the month. You simply copy and paste the email into your email platform and send to your list the next day. To register send an email to support@studenthealth101.com and we will get you set up.

What are benefits of a weekly release strategy?

To learn more about why we have switched to a weekly release schedule click here to view a letter from our founder and CEO, Tom Piovoso.