SH101 Student Advisory Board internship


 What is the SH101 Student Advisory Board internship?

  • Student Health 101 is an online, monthly health and wellness publication distributed to more than one million college and university students in the US and Canada. SH101 is an international publication; each issue is customized for our client schools with their own logos and campus resources.
  • We publish editions for US undergraduates, students at faith-based institutions, nontraditional students (community college and graduate school), and students at Canadian colleges and universities.
  • All students on our board have a strong interest in health and wellness, especially issues affecting the college population. Our definition of wellness is broad: It includes budgeting, academic skills, relationships, sexual assault prevention, time management, money, and more.
  • Our student advisors are from diverse backgrounds and regions across the US and Canada. We are recruiting US undergraduates, Canadian undergraduates, and US community college and graduate school students.
  • This is an unpaid, one-year commitment (June 2018-June 2019).

What we look for in our student advisors:

  • Enrolled at a higher education institution full time or part time in the US or Canada for the full academic year 2018-19
  • Commitment to supporting other students and promoting health and wellness in student communities
  • Commitment to Student Health 101 and our internship requirements (see below)
  • A strong interest in some aspect(s) of health and wellness (e.g., you follow health news and blogs; you are passionate about fitness, cooking healthy food, or some other aspect of wellness; you are studying for a relevant degree or work/plan to work in a relevant field; etc.)
  • We value diversity in life experiences, location, type of higher ed institution, age, sex, interests and skills, etc.

What is the role of SH101 student advisors?

  • Review and comment on stories (articles) in development each issue
  • Occasionally review a relevant app, podcast, or online wellness tool
  • Offer insight about various topics to be quoted in future articles
  • Provide topic and messaging ideas
  • 5 hours of your time each month

How we recognize our student advisors:

  • Named in every issue
  • Every issue spotlights a student contributor
  • Every issue features student reviews
  • A certificate of completion of the internship
  • An opportunity to build your résumé

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