BetterU: Contributor Guidelines

The new BetterU blog on the Student Health 101 website is designed for administrators and educators at high schools, colleges, and universities in the US and Canada. They include:

  • Existing clients; health educators and other staff and faculty who are looking to learn more about why we do what we do, why we do it this way, and how SH101 supports their students.
  • Potential clients; school nurses, health educators, administrators, and others who are looking to learn more about SH101 and what we can do for their school.

Want to contribute a guest post?

Please do! BetterU covers themes relevant to staff and faculty working in student wellness at high schools and colleges/universities. BetterU is designed to give space to the voices, concerns, and solutions of school staff and faculty (health educators, Title IX coordinators, and others), researchers, influencers, students, parents, policymakers, and other stakeholders. We aim to feature a diverse pool of bloggers. Check it out:

BetterU blog for college and university staff

BetterU blog for high school staff


How to write and submit a guest post to BetterU

We are delighted that you’d like to contribute to BetterU. That said, SH101 editors work under constant deadline pressure; unfortunately, we have little time for back-and-forth emails about blog submissions. That’s why we’ve developed these guidelines for contributors. Your blog post has a good chance of being published if you are mindful of these guidelines from the get-go. If you’re stuck for ideas or themes, the guidelines can probably help with that too.

Before you get started, please read our Key info and Blog themes pages. You’ll find instructions on how to submit: