Accessibility Roadmap

What is accessibility?

Digital accessibility means making electronic content available to and usable by everyone, including, and especially, people with disabilities.

Why strive for accessibility?

  • Improves usability of digital content for everyone, including people with disabilities
  • Improves overall user experience
  • Enhances clarity for non-native English speakers

Benefits of accessible content

  • Reduces development effort when accessibility is considered from the start.
  • Reduces cost when problems are addressed before users encounter accessibility barriers.
  • Increases search engine optimization and content findability.
  • Demonstrates inclusiveness.

The goal

Make all content on schools sites going back to September 2017 AA compliant.

A team of auditors following best practices and our development team are auditing and ensuring the content is AA Compliant.

Step 1 – Complete

Ensure all new content released from September 2019 going forward is AA compliant. Make all content on schools sites dating back to September 2017 AA compliant. Currently all content from September 2019 forward is AA Compliant, excluding any videos. All our videos include captioning, but we are working toward making them AA Compliant. All new content is reviewed by a team of auditors that follow best practices prior to release.

Step 2 – In Progress

Audit all content content dating back to September 2017 to ensure it is compliant. The content released prior to June 2019 that is AA Compliant are the April 2019, January 2019, October 2018, September 2018, and June 2018 issues, excluding videos.

Step 3 – In Progress

Make all videos dating back to September 2017 AA Compliant. They currently contain transcripts from YouTube, but require additional transcripts to be considered AA Compliant.